What’s not to love about the Women’s Society of Washington University. Join today or recruit a friend or colleague to join.

1. There’s always more to learn
2. Six lectures a year
3. Nationally renowned speaker every year
4. Intellectual stimulation
5. Two scholarships supported every year
6. Scholarship Endowment over $3 million
7. 59 scholars graduated to date
8. Bear Necessities shop on campus
9. Work/Study employment
10. Student Project Funding
11. Bear Necessities website
12. Birthday cake and balloons
13. Women’s Society website
14. 40 Leadership Awards presented
15. Global Friends Program
16. International Students Welcome
17. Over $600,000 dollars donated to fund student projects
18. 186 WSWU Life Members
19. Membership is open to ALL
20. Make new friends
21. Networking possibilities
22. Meet St. Louis newcomers
23. Mentor students
24. Mentor women
25. Support women students
26. Learn about Washington University campus life
27. Learn what Washington University has to offer
28. Interact with students
29. Join a committee
30. Have fun
31. Get to know WSWU student advisors
32. Meet outstanding women in the community
33. Meet intelligent women in the community
34. Meet interesting women in the community
35. Meet diverse women in the community
36. Interact with the chancellor
37. Learn about Washington University campus plans for the future
38. Interact with Washington University professors
39. 500 members to enjoy
40. Learn about cutting edge research
41. Broaden your mind
42. Make a difference in the community
43. Make a difference in the lives of students
44. Reward leadership of graduating senior women
45. Embrace diversity
46. Enjoy personal growth
47. Meet your new best friend
48. Plan lecture topics
49. St. Louis Community College interaction
50. The Ida H. Early Composing a Life Panel: Women Inspiring Women