Images from past “Composing a Life” events, as well as observations by past participants:

So interesting to hear such different stories and to recognize that there are many paths to a fulfilling life.

I really enjoyed listening to these women’s life experiences; it was very motivational!

I think each of the speakers shed light on the success and stories in five different fields. They all showed how you can be successful when life presents unpredictable roadblocks.

Different perspectives from really impressive professionals. They all used struggles to grow in such great ways.

I learned that it’s okay (and actually essential) to ask others for help at times; importance of networking; it’s possible to have it all, but not always at the same time.

I was amazed to see such brave and dedicated women! It does give inspiration to everyone including men. I left the room feeling proud.

I was reminded how women are still struggling “trying to have it all” and yet how great they are at multitasking. I admired the courage of all the panelists.